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You know how no one talks about their "problems" with sweating? Well now that you've successfully undergone treatment at Don't Sweat It!, why don't you share your story so that they don't feel so alone?  Visit to share your  miraDry experience with others considering the procedure from all over the world. You may also contact us directly to have your testimonial regarding any treatment (Botox, etc.) you've had done at Don't Sweat It! included on our site.
What our patients are saying about us

"I am a testifying nursing expert who provides testimony nationwide, spend a lot time in courtrooms and traveling. During depositions and trials, before miraDRY, I would ruin silk shirts under suit jackets and my  dry-cleaning bills were through the roof. Now those worries don’t exist. My response to miraDRY has boosted my confidence professionally and personally. Thanks to miraDRY, no more underarm sweating and no more deodorant needed, seriously the procedure is a breeze. Two quick treatments and easy recovery!" – anonymous nurse

   "Dear Dr. White, Jennifer, and Claudia,

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great after this last Mira Dry treatment.  I had minimal bruising and swelling this time.    I think that you all made the Mira Dry procedure (a miracle for me in and of itself) the best experience.  

You all gave me confidence and compassion I needed during treatment, and the follow up after treatment was wonderful.

I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to wear normal clothes--instead of the same old black every single day.  The Mira Dry procedure will save me thousands in clothing-but more importantly, it will give me tremendous confidence and focus at work.  I will be able to think about what I am doing when I am at work and not worry about whether I am sweating too much!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!" ~ Michelle F. from Charleston

Kelly Bazzle of Two Girls and a Guy on 95SX's endorsement and candid discussion about her experience at Don't Sweat It!  Listen Now!

     "Hey Jenny, I'm so excited today. I have wanted to wear this shirt without a sweater or coat over it for over a year - but I would not because of the sweat stains. As you can see- after a long 10 hr stressful workday I am sweat stain free. I'm doing well. I just wanted you Dr. White, and Claudia to know - Thank You!"   - Joeseph K. from Charleston

       "Recieving this treatment has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I used to never be able to wear white shirts or lift my arms in public. Now after the treatment, I can throw my hands in the air whenever I want! I personally needed no time to recover and felt great the next day. The staff at Don't Sweat It was extremely helpful and very friendly. You will not leave there without having some good laughs and a smile.   : )

Thank you!"  - Clarese N. from Charleston

"I suffered with my sweating in middle and high school, afraid to raise my hand and unable to wear certain styles or colors.  As an adult I just learned to accept that there was nothing that I was willing to do about it because I feel strongly about keeping drugs out of my system and I think aluminum anti-perspirants are unsafe.  I would wear dark colors and always had a sweater or a jacket to cover up with.  People must have thought I was super cold natured!

Now life is totally different.  After just one easy treatment I am FREE! I can wear any color and any material!! I am super psyched about not having to wear a jacket through the Charleston summer! I can't thank the staff at Don't Sweat it enough! Even though the reviews on realself.com were really good, I was still a little nervous about the procedure, but Dr. White and Claudia were with me the whole time and to my surprise--it was a piece of cake and recovery was minimal! Thank you!"    - Jen A. from Mt. Pleasant

"I would just like to say I love my new and improved underarms!  Before I got the miraDry procedure I wore a lot of black, and always had a sweater, and a stick of deodorant with me everywhere I went.  Now after having the procedure I do not worry about any of that stuff!  It is so incredible to not have to worry about my armpits! It is truly liberating.  I used to be able to see drops of sweat come off of my armpits, now sometimes I might have a little moisture but nothing shows up on my shirts.  My armpits also had a strong odor that came with the sweat. Now I have to put my nose up to my armpit and really try to smell to get a hint of odor.  That to me is pretty amazing considering I had the procedure about two weeks ago and have put on deodorant twice.  I 100% would recommend this procedure!  The staff is wonderful and the procedure its self is pretty much a walk in the park.  Not to mention the payoff when it is all over!  Thank you so much Don't Sweat It!! "  -Callie R. from Charleston

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