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Do you accept insurance payments? Unfortunately we do not contract with any insurance carriers, however, we will provide you with any documentation necessary to file to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

What type of payment do you accept? We accept cash, check or credit card payments, and Care Credit as financing with options including 6 months interest free.  Feel free to visit Carecredit.com to apply prior to your visit, or we may assist you while you are in the office.  

What is the cost of treatment? This varies depending upon what treatment you are having done and which area of your body.  The miraDry procedure for the underarms is $3000 which includes your initial consultation with Dr. White, 2 treatments and any follow ups.  In comparison, BOTOX treatment to this area can be anywhere from 1200-2400 (depending upon units of BOTOX used) and this is not permanent but also an effective treatment. You may also pay per treatment, in which case the first treatment is $2000 and the second is $1000.  The best way to narrow down your cost on anything other than miraDry is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. White to measure the area to be treated.  The initial consultation is $250 and will be applied to your treatment cost.

How do I become a patient? That's easy! Just call or e-mail our office and we will schedule you for an initial consultation with our physician, Dr. Marshall White. Dr. White and our staff will spend quite a bit of time interviewing you, reviewing your medical history and discussing possible treatment options. If you choose the miraDry procedure, your initial consultation fee will be applied to your treatment. Just remember, we are here for you, so feel free to make a list of questions to bring with you to your first visit and ask any as they come up! Our goal is to make you comfortable before, during, and after any treatment.

Is there a resource for possible Hyperhidrosis patients to get more information on the disorder, treatment options, outcomes, etc.? Absolutely! The International Hyperhidrosis Society website is a wealth of information & recommends miraDry for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis Click here

Is this a rare condition? No.  3% of the population suffers from Hyperhidrosis.  That's roughly 211 Million people just like you! Often times people with hyperhidrosis feel like outcasts or that they are different, but that just isn't true.  Your sweat glands are just like everyone elses.  You don't have more or larger sweat glands, they are just over active and sometimes respond more often to stimuli.

Is there a "cure"? Not necessarily without invasive procedures or surgery. Botox treatments have significantly improved the comfort levels of those with hyperhidrosis and can be used on the hands, feet, scalp, and underarms, but it is a treatment and often needs to be repeated twice per year. Prescription medications and anti perspirants may help but have to be used in perpetuity. Iontophoresis is an older treatment that has fairly good results, but is time consuming and must be used regularly. miraDry is the closest non-invasive innovation to a cure, but is only approved for use in the axillary region and results vary depending upon the individual.  Some report complete dryness under their arms after treatment, while others still experience mild sweating, but a dramatic reduction, and a pleasing result. Most report an 96% reduction in sweat (according to recent long term studies).  The added bonus is the reduction or elimination of underarm odor and this procedure is permanent, as sweat glands will not regenerate!

In the cases of secondary hyperhidrosis, we strive to find the cause and treat this problem to eliminate the hyperhidrosis.  Pyschiatric disorders, other disease processes as well as medications and certain foods can all cause secondary hyperhidrosis.  This is why the initial consultation and interview process is so very important.

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