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If you have blonde or light colored hair, miraSmooth is your ONLY non-invasive option for permanent hair reduction.

At Don't Sweat It! we specialize in treating Primary and Secondary Hyperhidrosis.  Excessive sweating is a condition that effects as much as 3% of the population and often starts in adolescence.  This can be an emotional and socially debilitating disorder for many, especially our impressionable youth.  Excessive perspiration in the hands, feet, scalp, chest and underarms can be embarrassing, however with recent advances in medical technology, Don't Sweat It!  strives to offer a comfortable, and in many cases, permanent solution to this problem! 

"I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great after this last Mira Dry treatment.  I had minimal bruising and swelling this time.    I think that you all made the Mira Dry procedure (a miracle for me in and of itself) the best experience. 
You all gave me confidence and compassion I needed during treatment, and the follow up after treatment was wonderful.
I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to wear normal clothes--instead of the same old black every single day.  The Mira Dry procedure will save me thousands in clothing-but more importantly, it will give me tremendous confidence and focus at work.  I will be able to think about what I am doing when I am at work and not worry about whether I am sweating too much!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!" ~Michelle F. from Charleston

Let our expertly trained staff assist you in reaching new levels of comfort and confidence. All procedures administered and supervised by our Board Certified Neurologist, Marshall Allyn White, MD. Contact us today! (843) 884-6800
Now Accepting Care Credit with options including 6 months interest FREE!

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